Nouvelle edito pour Junior Style London

Dali was born in Figueras, a small town near to where my family live and close to a beach that we regularly visit. He has always been deeply rooted in the area, his father’s house, his house in Portlligat, his museum in Figueras. Dali is an internationally renowned artist and a very important figure within surrealism. His works are between fear and passion. He seems to some a little crazy but at the same time, I feel he is a person with a lot of wisdom. 

The children and I wanted to explore Dali and his work further, getting deeper into it and then re-creating some of his wonderful images.  – Manuela Franjou

We were inspired by these quotes from the artist….

‘That I do not know the meaning of my art does not mean that I do not have it’ 


 ‘The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad’… Dalià_manuela_franjou_july_20_3_credits.jpg

la passion

je leur explique que ce qui importe est la passion qu’ils portent à ce qu’ils font. Qu’il y aura toujours un plus beau, un meilleur, un plus fort, mais que peu importe cela si ils le vivent avec amour et enthousiasme.Ce monde dans lequel nous vivons, , 

Siempre habra alguien mejor, mas guapo, mas formado o mas algo… Lo que importa es la pasión que os procura realizar algo, el amor y sensación de bienestar. Aprender, sentir, vivir, siempre . Vivimos un mundo en que la competitividad es la reina, nos desvía de la verdadera alegría, siendo el reconocimiento del otro el que nos mueve. Ganar, copiar, trepar, comprar… son satisfacciones momentáneas, que llevan al vacío emocional muy rápidamente. E